Cashing in Crypto

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Crypto Signals Ultimate 2022 Guide

What are crypto signals?

Сrypto trading signals has become so popular that developers decide to simplify the trading process by creating different tools for algorithmic trading. Thus, traders who even have no experience can get income from this type of activity. One of the best algorithmic trading tools is considered crypto signals. The aim of this function is to make crypto trading more effective and help traders enter the trades while minimizing risk. read more

Bitcoin Basics

What are the key features of bitcoin?

Given that bitcoin was created in large part to serve as an alternative to fractional-reserve banking , it’s not surprising that it differs in some pretty significant ways to traditional currency and payment systems. Here are a few of the key differences: read more

Cashing in on Crypto

This month saw the Financial Stability Board still insisting that the $133 billion stable coin market only constitutes a niche segment of the global financial market. Stable coins are cryptocurrencies that attempt to peg their price on a 1:1 ratio, to a fiat currency such as the US dollar. The Financial Stability Board is a consortium advisory body that acts on behalf of the G20, providing recommendations regarding the financial system. Its view of this “niche” market segment suggests crypto still has a way to go before it becomes truly mainstream, but there are definite signs that the tide is turning. read more